DEAR JOHN - A Message From Gypsy Rain

Referring to my muse in writing as "Him" or "He" almost gives him a godlike position. My devil is far from godlike.

He entices me with his hypnosis, causing my morals to run away at his touch or command. His gaze into my eyes enables him to possess my soul, filling it with his own desires of flesh and ecstasy. He manipulates his way into my psyche through the exploitation of my love. As much as I desire him to share my world,  I equally desire him to cease the scorching of my heart. This is the true battle of good and evil...the thin line between love and hate.

For the sake of reference, I can no longer leave my muse unnamed. Although I cannot use  his  real name, I will give him one that suits his current place in my life. I will call him John. 

As you ride along with me on this journey of lust, fantasy, and passion, I encourage you to imagine yourself in her place. Imagine YOUR muse in John's place. Live this fantasy as your own. Let John's hands caress your body. Let his lips paint the canvas of your breasts. Invite him in to taste your passion. but be careful not to play with his fire.  

Seductively yours, 

Gypsy Rain

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