MEETING IN MY BEDROOM - A Message From Gypsy Rain

Believe bed has been without him for quite some time. As I lay here and close my eyes, I feel him over me. His breathe on my neck, his chest on my breasts, his arms around my
 body.....I can feel him inside me. I've longed for him to remind me where those spots are that ignite my fire and send my body into overdrive. He knows them so well. My body craves him. I desire him. To feel him, to taste him, and to take him deep into my soul. The table has been set, but my plate is empty. 

I've tried to stay away. I've tried to avoid his invitations. But as I've told you, the Devil is real and his dance is intoxicating.

The thought of him brings floods to my panties and I can't wait to mount him and soak him with my release. Over and over again, ruining bed sheets and mixing juices. I want to feel his come deep inside me, beating my womanhood with each pulsation. His hands reaching for my perineum and rubbing it firmly so I can give him another release as he finishes. Together....coming.....ecstasy.....desiring more. Slow grinding to the finish.....I'm the winner....every time. Or at least, that what he let's me believe...

After all, I am breaking all my own rules in this game. He knows my every move, before I make it. Guess who's coming to dinner?

Seductively Yours,

Gypsy Rain

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