The rain always made her feel seductive. She often fantasized about making love in the rain. There was something about the element that made her feel cleansed, and thinking about the rain in conjunction with an orgasm just seemed like it would bring forth a spiritual renewal.

It was a time of year that usually didn't produce much rain but the past few days were like a tropical bliss and her body was responding. She thought more and more of him and his touch. She recalled their last encounter at the bar and at his home. It had only been a month since they were reacquainted and she already missed his mouth on her. Luckily her waiting was coming to an end. Tonight she would give him something he wouldn't forget.

As she dressed for dinner she thought about how much her life had changed. She remembered herself during her marriage.  She thought about the insecurities she held. She recalled her transformation throughout her separation. She reevaluated her growth after her divorce. She liked to imagine herself a gypsy, roaming from level to level evolving into a beautiful free spirit.

As she put on her diamond earrings, she admired herself in the full length mirror. It had been a long time since she was feeling herself. She slid her hands over her black dress across her breasts and down her waistline across her curves. She liked what she felt and she knew he would too.

She anxiously awaited his arrival thinking about the pre-dinner surprise she had for him. Just then, she heard a knock at her door.

She opened the door and there he stood.  Sharp grey suit, bold purple tie, and his cuff link blinged on the wrist that held the umbrella over his head. This man could make a janitor's uniform look good!

He greeted her with a smile as the rain fell behind him. She welcomed him in quickly and helped him with his coat. He put his umbrella down and immediately moved in to hug her. She threw her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist. She could smell his cologne. His scent alone made her panties moist.

She told him she thought they should wait until the weather let up a little bit. When he agreed she moved him into the living area and showed him to a comfortable chair. She sat on the nearby sofa and crossed her legs. They talked about the rain. He knew her well. He made subtle hints about her feelings about the rain. Ordinarily she would blush but today she was on fire. There was no need to waste anymore time. She was ready to give him what she intended.

She rose from the couch, walked over to him and stood over him, between his legs as he sat back comfortably in his chair. She said nothing as he looked up at her. She let her eyes speak as she engaged in mental foreplay.

She bent down and softly placed her pink lips on to his. She let the tip of her tongue escape her lips and gently graze his upper lip. She felt his tongue meet hers as she slowly lowered herself to her knees.

As their tongues danced she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his zipper. His hands held her face as hers reached into his pants.

She felt his erection. He was hard and ready. She pulled it out of his pants and caressed it with her soft hands. She parted her lips from his and gazed at him seductively, telling him with her eyes what was about to happen.

She ran her tongue across her lips and then lowered her head into his lap. She heard him softly gasp as she slid her tongue around the head of his penis. She teased him, mouth open, letting her tongue introduce itself.

She moved one hand to his balls and the other to the base of his shaft and she took him into her mouth. He let out a low moan as she sucked, slowly moving from the head down his shaft. She used her mouth and tongue to lubricate his dick, creating a slippery and slimy sensation. She began to slide her hand up and down his erection as she allowed him further into her mouth.

As she bobbed her head slowly over his manhood she could feel her saliva dripping down to her hands. She knew he liked it messy.  She ran her fingers across his grundle as she let his head touch the back of her throat. He moaned louder and she felt his hand grab her hair tightly. That made her moan, too.

He pulled her head back and stood up from the chair. He took off his pants and moved to the floor where she still knelt. On her knees she turned around to face him. Like a mechanic ready to work, he slid on his back between her legs. She straddled his face in reverse and he used one hand to slide her panties to the side.

As his tongue met her clit she yelled out his name. As her body quivered above him her eyes again met his erection.  She threw her body forward against his and took him into her mouth again.

She was determined to win this race and slowly took his dick deep into her throat as he sucked on her clit. He momentarily stopped his work as she took him deeper into her throat and moaned as she released him. Then again she took him beyond her tonsils.

As if to out-do her actions, he slid his tongue into her opening. She could feel herself coming onto his tongue. She focused on him and worked his dick downward again into her throat and then to the head, moving her hand up and down his dick as she moved. She began to taste him. She then used her hand and quickly worked it over the head of his erection. His moans were louder now and he became still, gripping her ass with his hands. 

She heard him tell her he was about to come.  She took his dick back into her mouth and aggressively sucked up and down from the head to the base. She felt him tense beneath her as she moved from level to level. Then, like a  rain storm, she felt his come hit the back of her throat.  She slowed her movement but didn't stop. She took him into her throat again and she swallowed all he had given her. Every last drop.

As his body stopped jerking she slowly let him out of her mouth. She raised her leg over his head and stood up to adjust her underwear. Still lying on the floor, he stared up at her. She smiled and told him she needed 5 minutes to freshen up.

As he removed himself from the floor she called to him from the other room. "Looks like the rain has stopped. We should head out before it starts up again."

The rain had slowed to a light drizzle, although the sky proved the storm was nowhere near over. The idea of dinner with him kept her excitement alive. Something about pasta, wine and dessert had her feeling like the mood could continue just as she set it. Her intentions were clear. She wanted her rain fantasies fulfilled and it would happen tonight. Her vibe was 100% sultry and she knew he planned to respond. With the "Appetizer  69" devoured on her living room floor, it was time to move to the main course.

As they left her house, he held his umbrella over her head. She strutted to the car, feeling like a Queen who could have her way. He opened her door and she climbed in. The ride to dinner was light. Conversation was brilliant. There was power in that vehicle. The synergy was tremendous. This was important to her. He was no simple man. She left simple behind long ago.

As they approached the restaurant, the rain had picked up slightly. He pulled into the valet and her door was immediately opened by the valet service attendant. She climbed out of the vehicle and adjusted her dress, making sure her look reflected the perfection she was feeling. She waited for him to come around the car to walk her in. As he opened the restaurant door, she walked in shining like royalty.

Their reservation was on time and they were shown to their table immediately. The lighting was dim, the music was low and the ambiance seemed to reflect her aura. Their table was off to the back of the room and was draped with a long, elegant white table cloth. Everything on the table sparkled. To her satisfaction, their table sat nearby a window, where she could see the rain falling outside. 

The waiter came over and offered them the wine list. Without hesitation, her date chose a bottle for them. Prunotto Barbaresco....he knew it was her favorite Italian red wine. She loved his take charge attitude but secretly smirked to herself at the idea that he would be in control tonight. The waiter quickly brought their bottle and poured their glasses. As she took her first sip she could feel her already warm body tingle all over. Everything about this night was right. 

By the time she finished her dinner she was working on her second glass of wine. She allowed her surroundings to guide her. She could see the rain outside was very heavy now. Her urges grew stronger. As she sat beside him, she slid her hand under the table cover and slowly began to grope him. He stared at her and she returned his stare, all the while, her hand moved up and down the outside of his pants over his crotch. An outsider watching would have thought this couple was simply engaged in an affectionate gaze at one another, but underneath the surface, things were amplifying. She had unzipped his pants and slid her hand inside. He shifted in his seat as her warm skin caressed his and he let out a long breath. Her eyes moved in on his, and she leaned in and whispered into his ear, "I want to feel you inside me." 

Without saying a word, he calmly and discreetly zipped his pants and signaled to the waiter for the check. 

She further set the mood on the ride home, keeping control of his attention. As the wipers slapped the rain off the windshield she pulled her panties down from under her dress. She slowly grabbed them from around her ankles and hung them on the rear view mirror. He kept his eyes on the road but smiled and raised his eyebrows in response. She played with the radio, finding the perfect smooth and sexy R&B station. She playfully sang along. She sat in the passenger seat with her knees apart;as she caressed the back of his bald head. This rain certainly had her going. 

As they pulled into her drive way she immediately removed her seat belt. She was anxious and ready. He came to her side of the car with his umbrella and opened her door, covering her from the steady flow of rain. She fumbled for her house keys, then opened the front door to let them in. 

As they entered the house, he immediately grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close. He slid his hand up her dress and between her legs as he kissed her neck. She felt his fingers glide across her clit and she moaned. She pulled away from him and stared him in the eyes. She motioned for him to follow her. He removed his suit coat and followed her. 

She led him to the back door and pulled him out into the rain onto the deck. It was raining harder now. She walked him over to the middle of the yard. The wet, green grass surrounded them like ocean to an island. As the rain came down on them she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head and off. She stood in her bra as the rain pulled at her curls. She could see his erection as it escaped his unzipped pants. She reached for it, pressing her body against his. With one hand he unhooked her bra and removed it. He grabbed her hand and walked her over to a nearby patio chair. He stood behind her and she felt his hard manhood on her lower back. He kissed the back of her neck. The kisses on her neck and the drops of rain on her hard nipples had her losing control. 

He grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the patio chair with force. Rain fell on her back and drops slid down the slit of her ass. Her hair was now clinging to the sides of her face as the rain saturated every strand. She could feel him sliding his erection up and down her wet opening. She pushed back, allowing her body to beg him to give it to her. He entered her and filled her up. His hands gripped her hips as he thrusted into her over and over again. She could feel him deep inside of her and wanted more. She found his rhythm and began  rounding her hips to meet his thighs. They moved sensually, together in the rain.

He moved his to her hair and the other to one of her breasts. He gripped her hair and cupped her breast as he continued to work her pussy. She moaned louder as raindrops dripped off her eyelashes and lips. The rain on her skin was tantalizing.  Moments later, he slid his strong hands firmly down her back and back to her hips. She stood up and pulled herself away from him. 

She turned to face him and led him to the patio chair. She pulled his pants from his ankles and placed them on the wet chair and sat him down. His penis was at full attention. She moved her naked body to him and straddled him. The low leveled chair gave her the leverage she needed to take control. She lowered herself onto his dick slowly. She gazed into his eyes before she made a move. She could feel him, warm and deep inside her. She circled her hips slowly as she pushed herself further on top of him. Then, she began to push her feet against the ground, working her pussy up and down his dick. She gently rocked her hips as she moved. His hands slipped up and down her body as the rain feel. She could feel him pulling her into him. She felt his strength beneath her pushing at her as she rode him. 

He moved his hand to her neck and gripped tightly. Her body screamed and tingled. She could feel her pussy throb around his dick. As his hand kept it's grip, his other hand reached around and gripped her ass, pulling her forcefully into him. She felt him in her belly. She could feel herself opening up and she knew her juices were flowing with the rain. Suddenly he pulled her face close to his, hand still around her neck. He told her he wanted her to come for him....when HE said so. Once again, she lost control and let him take the lead. He leaned her back on his dick and gripped tighter around her neck. She rode harder and his rock hard dick stroked her spot over and over again inside her. It was coming. She could feel her pussy tightening around him. He assertively told her to wait. She begged him to let her come. This battle of power drove her to her limits. This rain made it hard for her to fight for control. She submitted. He would win this war. 

Then, he told her to come. Instantly, she let go and she felt her orgasm pour over his dick. She tensed and squirmed above him but she wanted more. As she came, he stood up still inside of her. Her legs wrapped around his waist. He quickly carried her to the side of the house and pressed her back against it. He fucked her, holding her up. He entered her harder,  over and over again. 

He moved her to the grass, laid her down, and re-entered her from on top. He grabbed her calves and pushed her legs back. On his knees he fucked her, looking down to watch himself go in and out of her wet pussy.. The rain hit her nipples, her belly, her neck, her feet, and her pussy all at the same time. It was as if tiny hands moved all across her body, caressing her while he fucked her. She kept coming. As he hit it deeper she came again and again. He moved faster and faster and she knew he was close. He grabbed the back of her thighs and pushed even deeper. The bottom was his.

Suddenly his orgasm came. She felt his strong ejaculation deep inside of her. His pleasure gave her pleasure. She caressed his head and his back as he let her legs down and rested his body on hers. She kissed his cheek. The rain continued to fall, but she didn't care. He didn't seem to care either. As they lay silently in the grass, the rain  eventually slowed to a drizzle. The storm had passed. 

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