She sat alone at the bar waiting for him. She was nervous so she showed up early to have a drink. It had been over 5 years since she'd seen him. Her recent divorce seemed to present the perfect opportunity to reconnect and catch up. It only took a few sips before she felt herself relax and began to recall the real reason she reached out to him in the first place. She had needs and she knew him. She trusted him. 

She could feel the wine doing it's job. Her shoulders began to tingle. For a moment she closed her eyes and rolled her neck, letting out a deep sigh. As she opened her eyes she saw an attractive man sitting alone across the bar and he was watching her. She was only slightly embarrassed but was quite turned on by her audience's gaze. It had been too long since she had been admired. She took another swallow of her drink and moved her eyes elsewhere.

The bar door opened and he walked in. He was more than a sight for sore eyes. His presence changed the room. Tunnel vision suspended her where she sat. He wore a perfectly tailored Italian suit which accentuated his broad shoulders. His caramel skin was the perfect setting for his bold eyes. His smile was perfection. He stood for a moment and scanned the room. She let her eyes wander on the beautiful canvas that was his body. 

They finally made eye contact and his eyes remained fixed on hers as he walked over. With emotions swelling up she hopped off the bar stool and met him for a hug. 

"Hey Lady", he whispered in her ear as his arms wrapped tightly around her body. She always liked when he called her "lady". She inhaled deeply as he hugged her, taking in his seductive scent.

They sat and had dinner at the bar catching up on the years each of them had missed. He told her about his booming career and she talked about her new life. He occasionally placed his hand on her knee or the small of her back throughout their conversation sending chills through her whole body. She smiled the touches off, trying to avoid sending the signal of how badly she desired him. She hadn't been touched  in months and hadn't been touched by another man in years. She could feel the warmth and moisture in her panties and the Merlot was only enhancing the feeling. 

As they talked she noticed the stranger across the bar continue to look her way. She would shift her eyes downward if their eyes accidentally met. It felt like a fun game to play. She felt sexy. 

In the middle of their conversation, he leaned over close to her and whispered in her ear, "I should tell him how good you taste."  She immediately felt a hot force shoot through her loins. She could feel the throbbing in her underwear. She squirmed in her seat looking at him with dumb confusion, as if she didn't know what he was talking about.He knew how to excite her. Even after all this time. Then she blushed and smiled, with no response. 

He finished his drink and casually changed the subject. Her mind was racing and her body was screaming for him to touch her again. 

After a few minutes he asked her if she'd had enough to eat. She said she had. Food was the last thing on her mind. Then he leaned over and again whispered in her ear, "I haven't had enough. I'm taking you home and I'm going to have some of that sweet cherry pie."

Her flesh filled with goosebumps and she felt the oozing below. It was going to happen. He grabbed her coat and grabbed her by the hand and led her to the door. She glanced over at the man across the bar. He kept his stare but now wore a seemingly satisfying grin. 

She was excited. He'd told her to leave her car parked at the bar and he would bring her to pick it up tomorrow. Ordinarily she'd object but her hormones were doing all the talking tonight. As he held the car door open for her, she could hardly keep her composure. She wanted to play it cool. She wanted to come across as though she had it all together and that he didn't really phase her THAT way. They both knew otherwise.

As she climbed into the passenger seat she could feel the cool draft under her dress that seemed to be attracted to the things happening between her legs. He closed the passenger door and as he walked around to the driver's side she closed her eyes,  took a deep breath, and let her head rest on the back of the seat. This was going to happen. As if he was reading her thoughts, he got in, closed his door and looked at her asking, "Are you ready?" She smiled and nodded.

She wrestled with her thoughts as they rode along. He casually sang along to the music coming from the car radio. She loved when he sang. He seemed so cool and composed. She was a nervous wreck.  She stared out the window, trying to predict in her mind the events that were about to transpire. Suddenly she felt his right hand on her left thigh just above her knee. Her heart jumped. He lightly tugged at her thigh until she uncrossed her legs. She kept her face toward the window and closed her eyes as her heart rate began to elevate.

With his left hand on the steering wheel he gradually moved his right hand up her dress, squeezing her inner thigh with each movement. As his grip inched higher and higher she couldn't help but relax her lower body. Her legs began to open wider allowing his hand to reach its intended destination. He softly slid the back of his fist back and forth across the outside of her silk panties. She knew he could feel her warmth.

He began kneading his fist and her breathing quickened. Her body was reacting faster than she expected. Her recent nights of masturbation couldn't duplicate the touch of a man. No one could duplicate the touch of THIS man. She let out a deep sigh and knew she was about to let go.

Now, legs wide open, her pelvis invited him to find her bikini line and she pressed her shoulders into the seat as his hand moved inside of her underwear. His middle finger immediately slid to her clitoris  and lingered there for several seconds, sliding slowly up and down, before it firmly moved down to her opening. With her silk saturated, she could feel his other fingers begin to caress the entire area around her entry. She began to leak onto his fingers. He moved his fingers back to her clit and softly slid his finger back and forth. Her leaking became heavy as he again slid his fingers back to her opening to feel how wet she was. She felt his fingers play in her juices.

He carefully removed his hand from her underwear and gently placed his fingers on her mouth. Without hesitation, she allowed her lips to separate and the tip of her tongue ran across his fingers. She was tasting herself. He turned his head to watch her as she took his fingers into her mouth. She seductively shifted her eyes towards his as she sucked her own nectar from his fingertips. She allowed her tongue to glide down each finger, slowly sucking from bottom to his fingertips. 

As her cleansing came to an end, she kissed his fingertips, placed his hand back on her thigh and placed her gaze back outside the window. He began to hum what was playing on the radio.

Not a word was spoken. There was no need.

The car ride seemed like an eternity. As they pulled into his driveway all she could think about was the last time she'd been with him. It was before her marriage. Their relationship was always sexual at its core, but over time, there was a trust that grew between them. She had done things with him that she'd never done before. Her inhibitions disappeared with him. She embraced her sexuality when she was with him.

She got out of the car and followed him to the front door. As he inserted the key into the lock he looked at her sultrily. She returned the look. He unlocked  the door to his home and allowed her to walk in ahead of him. She had not been to this house. The last time she saw him he lived in a different city. As she looked around the room she noticed that he still had that amazing sense of style when it came to decorating his home. He was always tidy and kept a classy look about his place. She liked that.

He wasted no time, grabbed her by the hand and led her up the stairs to his bedroom. Between the wine she had at the bar and the fondling he paid her on the car ride home, she appreciated the urgency. She had imagined this moment for weeks now. The anticipation was almost too much to handle.

He placed one hand behind her head and wrapped the opposite arm around her waist. He forcefully pulled her body against his, leaving his lips only centimeters apart from hers, looking directly into her eyes. She gasped. It was then that she felt it. Against her belly she could feel how excited he was. She could feel that he was hard and fully erect.

With the hand that was so caringly cradling her head, he then grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulled her head back and began kissing her neck. His tongue didn't use the same force as his hand. Instead he softly kissed and sucked his way down to her cleavage. He used his tongue to outline the curves at the top of her breasts. She couldn't hold back her moan.

As he worked on her neck he backed her slowly to his bed. He grabbed her by her hips and lifted her up and sat her at the edge of his mattress. He aggressively reached under her dress with two hands and pulled her panties down and off. Now, she was too anxious. She began to try to unfasten his belt, but he wouldn't let her. He shoved her knees apart pushing his body between her legs and wrapped his large hand around her neck. Her hands still worked to take off his clothes. She wanted him badly and she wanted him now.

With his hand still around her neck he slowly guided her body backwards. Now she was lying back on his bed. He looked down at her as he stood between her legs. He slid her dress up over her waist. She was completely exposed. He grabbed the back of her thighs, one in each hand and pushed her legs back toward her head. She lay there, stilettos up, as he held her in this vulnerable position. He took a moment to keep her there, looking over her. She watched him as he admired her. Her excitement grew and she was about to explode. He knelt down still holding her legs back. He was face to face with all her glory. She squirmed beneath his grip in anticipation of feeling his mouth on her.

He moved his face close to her "lips" and took a deep breath in. "You smell so damn good." She was losing control and he hadn't even begun. She pulled her dress over her head and threw it across the room and with one hand unhooked her own bra and yanked it off. She was so ready. She could no longer wait. With one hand she grabbed one of her breasts and began to pull on her own nipple. With the other hand, she began to slide her fingers across her clitoris. He watched her as she touched herself, but only for a moment.

He licked her fingers as she masturbated and with his face he pushed her hand away, replacing it with his tongue. She oozed at that very moment. Still holding her thighs, he slid his soft, wet tongue upward from her opening to her clit. He took the time to line every single crevice with his tongue over and over again. He played around her clit with the tip of his tongue, then moved his mouth to her opening so he could taste every drop that was secreting from her. Then he took her clit in his mouth and began to suck it gently. She moaned louder.

He repeated his tasks moving from swallowing her juices, to circling her swelling clit, to outlining her pussy with his tongue, back to sucking her clit. She could feel her own lubrication dripping down her ass and it wasn't slowing. She knew any moment he would go there. She couldn't stop it either.

Just then, he let go of one of her thighs. She knew the drill. She held it up herself. She felt his fingers slide across her opening. She wanted ANY penetration. She could feel the muscles below flexing. She knew he could see her opening up and inviting him in. He took his tongue and began to flick it across her clit. He started off slowly, and then his tongue became firm and moved faster. She yelled out. The heat from inside her body was now entirely in front of his face. He continued to move his fingers across her entry. She pushed her body downward practically begging him to  put his hands inside her. His tongue flicked faster and faster.

Her body began to tense. Her hands instinctively moved to his head. He then began to suck and flick at her clit as he inserted two fingers into her. He slowly worked his fingers around the inside of her opening, massaging all the spots that made her wiggle. All the while he continued to work on her clit. Licking and sucking, hard and fast. Her hands moved quickly to her breast. She pinched her own nipples as she wailed for more.

His tongue never stopped. Her writhing body was reaching its peak. His fingers had only moments ago began to caress her spot inside. Now his hand was full of her serum. She held her breath as she felt it coming. Her body froze and she hoped he knew what was about to happen. He should. It wasn't the first time he had taken her there this way.

Her muscles tightened around his fingers and he pulled his face away from her, freed her other thigh, and replaced his tongue with his quick moving fingers. She spread her legs wide open on her own. He watched as she opened all the way up and began to squirt like a small disfunctional fountain. That was only the beginning. His fingers moved faster across her clit and he slid his hand down to caress the surface of her soaked ass entry.

Then it came. Like a busted flood gate, she came forcefully soaking his still buttoned shirt and tie. She yelled out.  He encouraged her and rubbed her ass hole more firmly and pinched at her clit. Again, she squirted into his hand as he watched. She came, and came, and came. She couldn't breath. Her chest tingled. Her legs were jello. Her head spun. Release. 

She lay there, limp. He hadn't even entered her. She was amazed that he could do this, but she knew his way. This was only the beginning. He would let her rest, then he would be back to finish her off. And she would come again, because he would make sure of it.

He stood up, wiping at his face with his already ruined shirt. He walked to the restroom and she heard him turn on the sink faucet to wash his hands. She lay there in his bed, naked, high heeled legs hanging off his bed. 

She didn't move a muscle.   He asked her if she needed anything from the kitchen. She politely declined. She could hear him downstairs pushing buttons on the microwave. She smiled at the thought of men and their post sexual appetites.

He came upstairs and she could hear the clank of his fork on his plate. He walked back into the bedroom. "You sure you don't want any?"

She turned her head and looked over at him. He stood in the doorway shirtless.  He held his plate in one hand and his fork in the other as he contently ate. On his plate....a warm slice of cherry pie.

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