It was Monday night and the bar she frequented during football season seemed to be less crowded than usual. The weather had become colder than days passing and she imagined this might have kept the regular patrons away. This weather, however, was exactly what she liked this time of year. After all, she loved football and was particularly fond of football in the cold.  Not to mention it gave her any excuse to meet up with him in anticipation of being in his warm bed again.

She sat alone at a small table  near the bar's burning fireplace.  She was content in her solitude as she sipped her warm coffee and Bailey's  and watched the game. He had told her he was working a little late but would meet her very soon. She glanced up as the waitress stopped to check on her. As she politely declined service, she noticed a man sitting across the room. He was an attractive man, tall and dressed very professionally. He somehow, looked familiar to her. She thought she must know him, because he, too, looked her way and grinned as if he certainly had made her acquaintance before. 

She sat and ran through her mental Rolodex of contacts, tirelessly trying to determine how she knew him. Where had she seen him before? She took another drink and then was here that she had seen this stranger sitting at the bar only a couple of months before while she had dinner with her very old flame. She remembered him watching her. She remembered feeling excited by his apparent attraction to her. And she remembered her old flame taking notice! 

She allowed herself to make eye contact with the stranger only briefly. She knew her expected company would be there soon. She finished her drink and signaled for the waitress to bring her another. She was beginning to feel warmer as she thought about this man watching her. Just then she saw her guest walk through the door. He searched the room quickly and as their eyes met he quickly walked to the table where she was seated. She stood to greet him and his embrace sent chills through her body. The kiss he put on her cheek was warm, despite his entry from the cold. He removed his jacket and pulled his chair close to hers as he sat and checked the score on the big screen. 

She suddenly felt aroused as his arm reached behind her and his hand moved discreetly down the small of her back. He was very nonchalant about his movements. She glanced at the stranger across the room and noticed that his eyes had not left her, despite her new company. Something about this felt sexy. She slipped away into a daydream and imagined being hidden away with these two men in a warm, dimly lit room. She imagined feeling four hands on her body as she closed her eyes and slipped away into her own fantasy world. She imagined feeling two tongues dance their way around her skin; From her belly to her breasts. Four hands and two tongues.....she quickly snapped back to reality, taking a deep breath to balance her hormones. She sipped her drink again and signaled to the waitress. Bailey's wouldn't do at this point....she needed Vodka. 

As the night progressed they drank, watched the game, and flirted. All the while, she continued to notice the stranger watching her. The alcohol enhanced her sexual appetite and she found herself being very flirtatious at her own table just to please her audience. Then, she watched the stranger rise from his chair, button his coat and walk her direction. She could feel the hand on her back begin to caress her almost as if to relax her. Her heart raced as she watched the stranger walk closer and closer to their table. Her date sat calmly, eyes on the television, one hand on her back and one hand holding his drink. 

Her breathing quickened in a panic as the stranger walked up to their table and pulled up a chair and sat directly next to her. She sat there, frozen, sandwiched between these two men, wondering what was happening. She looked to her company...his eyes never left the television. She looked to the stranger....his eyes never left her. She could feel the nervous tension building in her chest, then her shoulders. Her breathing was deep and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she tried to quickly decide what to do.

Just then, her company turned and looked in her eyes, sipped his drink, nodded to the stranger, and leaned in to whisper in her ear. She inhaled deeply as she listened to him tell her that tonight would be all about her. "Trust me." He whispered. She then felt his tongue slide softly across her earlobe. He slid his hand from her lower back to the back of her neck and slid his other hand beneath the table to her left thigh. She squirmed in her seat, holding back the moan that instinctively built up from within.

The stranger sat on her right, watching her silently beg for clarity. She felt the stranger place his hand on her right thigh. What was happening? She knew she must still be daydreaming. She asked her self  question after question as she fought the need to understand against the need to just let this happen. Did they know one another...this stranger and her old flame? The stranger applied a firm grip to her thigh and she gasped in delight. 

As their hands gripped her thighs underneath the table she was distracted from her questions. She felt the warmth between her legs spread and it now felt like fire. As her trusted companion kissed softly on her neck just below her ear, the stranger slid his hand up her thigh and began to tug at her panties. The heat of the nearby fireplace caressed her legs along with the hands that teased her thighs. 

She momentarily contained herself and looked around the room. She remembered they were in a public place and was astonished by her own behavior. She was usually very discreet and reserved, but somehow this situation was destroying her inhibitions quickly. To her surprise, no one around seemed to notice what was taking place in their corner. The game had seemingly become intense and all eyes were focused on a nearby television.

She once again allowed herself back into the game in which they were playing at their own table. The stranger was winning the tugging match he played with her panties and she could feel his hands begin to graze her wet pussy. Meanwhile, she felt the hand of her date inching it's way up her blouse, reaching her breast. The stranger forced his other hand under her ass and gripped tightly as his other hand gently fondled below. The lips of her date worked her neck as his hand squeezed at her breast under her blouse. He was her real life devil....seducing, enticing, and tempting her into this unreal, passionate, and irresistible situation. 

She could not say no. She could not.....and she would not. Tonight, she would dance with the devil...and his advocate.

She stood from the table and adjusted her clothing. The two men beside her remained seated. She glanced around the bar and no attention was paid their way. She looked down at  John and waited for his eyes to meet hers. Her gaze was direct....she was ready to go. Without uttering a single word, he grabbed his coat and signaled to the stranger. The three of them walked out into the cold. She couldn't feel the wind piercing her cheeks; she was hot all over and could only think about the scene that unfolded at their table just moments ago.  She thought about how many times John had enticed her into a situation that was new to her experience and how her inhibitions chipped away in his presence. At his silent command, she had just allowed this stranger into 'their' sexual world.  This stranger was part of his game and tonight would be all about her. She trusted John,  so he would have his way. 

She decided that words and questions were pointless as she climbed into the car. The stranger joined them and climbed in the back seat. The drive was short and silent as they pulled into a nearby hotel. In her mind she found comedy in his choice of utilizing a hotel room instead of his bedroom for this sexual escapade. Regardless of how well he knew this stranger, she couldn't imagine him bringing another man into his bedroom.

As he checked in at the desk, she sat quietly on a nearby sofa in the lobby. The stranger sat with her. She was nervous now. The energy was intense. She didn't know what to do or say. As if he sensed her nervousness, the stranger leaned over to her and whispered, " I'm Kevin." She looked his way and smiled in embarrassment.  He returned the smile. Kevin was very attractive. He had a very athletic build and his skin tone was beautiful. She supposed that is what engaged her to begin with. He continued to help her relax by complimenting her physical appearance. His words were polite and made her feel beautiful. As her level of comfort eased, they were met by John holding a room key in his hand. He led them to the elevator.

The elevator was empty as she entered first. Kevin followed directly behind her. As she turned to face front, John entered last.  He pushed the button to their floor and the door closed. Kevin moved in close behind her. She could feel his body against hers and she could feel his breath on her neck. John stood before her, eyes locked on hers.  His lips met hers and he kissed her passionately, forcing his hand up the front of her skirt. Kevin  gripped her ass from behind and pulled her hair up to softly kiss the back of her neck. She gasped an uncontrollable gasp. Her body screamed as she felt the warm oozing in her panties. Their hands worked her body quickly and systematically ; John from the front, and Kevin from behind, and she melted.  Four hands and two tongues. They continued to pleasure her. There would be no battle or fight for control. She heard the elevator ding and immediately both men ceased their activity. As the elevator doors opened to their floor, they  exited together. She quickly followed behind in anticipation. 

As they entered the room her thoughts raced only to what was next. John helped her with her coat and Kevin took her bag. The men removed their coats almost simultaneously as she stood before the king sized bed in the room. She was frozen in anticipation as her eyes shifted eagerly back and forth between them. 

John approached her first, guiding her to sit at the foot of the bed. She sat, and he knelt down in front of her pushing her knees apart. His hand slid again up her skirt and he pulled her laced panties off with one forceful tug. She gasped in delight. Her breath quickened and she felt her heart rate elevate.  He placed his face between her thighs and began to eat her pussy slowly, taking time to stimulate her clit. At that moment Kevin knelt beside her on the bed and laid her head and shoulders back on the comforter. Kevin kissed her on the mouth forcefully as he unbuttoned her blouse. His tongue in her mouth and the feeling of John's soft tongue on her pussy created a feeling of uncontrollable desire she had never felt before. 

As Kevin moved to her bra, she could feel John's fingers begin to aid his tongue as he used them to penetrate her slowly. Kevin moved his mouth to her bare breasts and gently moved back and forth licking her nipples. Her back arched as she found herself wanting more. Her nipples were hard. She pushed down on John's fingers, and opened her knees wider to make way for his dancing tongue. She began to slowly move her hips to the rhythm of his actions and realized she had placed a hand on each of their heads. Kevin worked her breasts so meticulously, from soft to firm, licking and pinching her nipples in response to her body. John worked below as well as he always had, but she could feel the extra care in his touch. She knew he aimed to fulfill her fantasies and tonight he was in rare form.  She was longing to feel him deep inside of her. 

She felt John stop below and while Kevin continued to playfully suck her breasts, she saw John rise to stand over her. He watched her and she looked up at him searching for his approval. Her desire for him grew as she watched him take off his pants. His hard erection made her squirm at the thought of him inside of her. Without direction, Kevin moved from her breasts to the foot of the bed. John grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet. She stood naked at the foot of the bed and Kevin began to slide his hands up and down her backside. His hands became strong as he slid them to her ass. At the same time, John backed himself onto the bed and lay naked on his back, erection standing tall. Without hesitation she climbed on the bed over him and took him into her mouth. She enjoyed giving him head. 

As she sucked John's erection on her hands and knees, she felt Kevin move in behind her. His face met her wet pussy and he began to eat her from behind. Kevin's tongue was aggressive and he moved it quickly across her clit. She could feel her body react immediately. She was overwhelmed with desire and took John deep into her throat. She heard him moan and this encouraged her to give him more. She took him in her throat again, deeper. As if to keep her in place, she felt Kevin's tongue push his way into her and then lick firmly across her pussy. She wailed and loosened her grip on John's dick. 

John grabbed at her body and pulled her up to him. She mounted him and slid his dick into her dripping wet, pussy. She began to ride him as he pulled at her hips. He seemed so much harder than he had ever had before. As she rode John she could feel Kevin's hands reaching for her breasts from behind. Then she felt Kevin's tongue on the back of her neck. Her flesh screamed. Without notice, she felt Kevin's bare erection on her lower back. 

John's hands squeezed her hips as she circled them over his dick. Kevin's hands pinched at her nipples and he let his dick caress her ass as she rode. She reached behind her and grabbed Kevin's dick with one hand and began to pull at his shaft. He was large and feeling his erection stimulated the feeling of John's erection inside of her. She could feel herself squirting on John's stomach underneath her. Her orgasm was forceful. 

She could feel John's excitement grow beneath her as he slipped in and out of her.  She leaned forward on his dick and changed her motion, sliding her pussy up and down his dick. She knew he was close. As she leaned forward, she could feel Kevin's dick sliding across the wet entry of her ass. She came again, forcefully. She rode faster and harder. John's hands squeezed tighter around her hips.  

Suddenly, John  pushed her off of his dick. She felt Kevin's hands move to her hips and pull her forcefully back. She was on all fours again, with John's dick at her lips. She again took John in her mouth, tasting her own orgasm on her lips. She felt Kevin enter her from the rear. His dick was very large and hard. His strokes were quick and worked her spot firmly. She released another orgasm on Kevin's dick. Kevin grabbed the back of her hair. She continued to suck John's dick while Kevin fucked her from behind. She was in ecstasy. 

She rounded her hips pushing into Kevin as he fucked her harder. His thrusts quickened. She could hear his body slapping against hers and she released John's dick to let out a yell of excitement. John grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples as Kevin fucked her from behind. Right before he released, Kevin pulled his dick from her pussy. She felt his warm  orgasm hitting the small of her back while he pulled at her hair and she moaned with delight. 

John then pulled her hips back to his and as he sat up, he pushed himself into her forcefully. Face to face she rode him feeling him deep inside of her. She felt how close their bodies were and her clit was stimulated by his motion. Her body tensed as she felt another orgasm coming on. The clapping sound they created between their bodies aroused her. His arms wrapped around her body, guiding her movements over his dick. Her breast pressed against his chest. They fucked hard and fast, until she felt John releasing inside her. His moan was pleasing to her and she teasingly grinded  on him one final time, causing him to jerk inside her. 

John laid back onto the bed and she lifted herself from him. As she climbed off of him she glanced around the room for Kevin. He was gone. He had simply gotten dressed and left without her noticing.

She laid down next to John, replaying all that had just taken place. Her inhibitions had been lost and somehow she knew that was John's plan all along. She had gone beyond her limits and was somehow content with it all. She'd danced with the devil. She knew it wouldn't be the last time. 

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