WHO IS GYPSY RAIN? - A Message From Gypsy Rain

As I sit at my kitchen table this rainy Saturday morning, working on my next addition to Sultry In His Shadow, I'm moved to share more about 'Gypsy Rain'. She is a part of who I am. Yes, I am a real person with a real life, real responsibilities, AND real fantasies. I write to express not only my own fantasies, but the fantasies of women in my circles. My writing is inspired by stories I've heard directly from women who have their own tales of exotic experiences with men (or women) that seem to have a 'hold' on them not only sexually, but somehow spiritually. I, indeed, have my own muse who will remain my little secret. Maybe he is you.....

As I lay in bed last night, thinking about my plans for this morning, I could only imagine his strong hands touching my body. He uses just the right balance of tenderness and force that makes me yearn for him to be inside me, reaching for the spot that will ignite a fire so hot, the bedroom itself may catch on fire. He awakens a piece of me that is unknown to the world. Even in his absence, my imagination allows him in my bed each and every night to play out a story of seduction, passion, and yes....love. Damn him....because his soul  makes mine forget the difference between love and lust and I surrender it all to him.

He wins every night....I submit to his power.

Seductively yours, 

Gypsy Rain

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