She was always passionate about summertime in New Orleans. Something about the town itself created an awakening within her that was indescribable. On any given day the clouds swelled with moisture, waiting for the perfect moment to release its cleansing on last night's sultry atmosphere. The music, the arts, the cuisine. She lost herself upon every arrival and found herself before every departure. 

Although this visit was about she and her girlfriends, she knew seeing him was inevitable. John frequented this city and it was rare that she paid a visit without running into him. This time, however, she wouldn't just bump into him; she'd planned to meet up with him. He was expecting her, despite his commitments. They decided their rendezvous would be discreet yet impulsive, meeting up anytime opportunity presented itself, even for a moment. The thought of this secret arrangement forged provocative vibrations through her body. 

Day 1 was no disappointment. The city was alive and the streets were already filled with happy party goers. She and her friends decided to have a late lunch at a chic cafe in the Quarter. As they dined on the outdoor patio, they watched the passers by and laughed at the recollection of stories of old visits to this historic city. 

As she listened to her girlfriend describe the events of the final night of their last vacation, she felt a short buzz in her pocket. Her cell phone was vibrating. She quietly pulled it out to view the alert. John's text read, "Where are you?"

She quickly responded giving her whereabouts. Suddenly she couldn't hear the conversation that continued around her. Adrenaline pumped through her body. Her heart rate elevated and her breathing grew deeper. She couldn't help but wonder how close he was. She could feel herself getting moist at the idea of him being nearby. Her phone buzzed again. "I'll be there in 10." 

She held back her smile. She knew this game. She'd play along. He had a way of creating excitement and anticipation. Giving her just enough until the right moment. She rejoined the conversation and continued with her lunch, never giving a clue to her girlfriends that he was nearby. The laughter at the table recaptured her attention as she recalled the events of last summer. She always enjoyed New Orleans. 

It wasn't long before he came. She saw him round the corner directly across the street from her location. He wasn't alone. Surrounded by his friends, he gingerly crossed the street, engaged in conversation. He glanced over to where she was and fixed his eyes on her from across the way. For what seemed like an eternity, they stared at one another. She felt her pussy throb in her shorts. 

He never stopped his conversation. In fact, the group of men walked aimlessly. As he looked away, she did, too. The game was going as planned.  The men reached her side of the street and began to walk by the patio in which she and her friends sat. The cackling laughter subsided as the women noticed this group of attractive men walk by. Then, "Hey lady."

Her heart jumped to her throat as she realized John was talking to her. The group of men stopped as John made his way over to her table. She smiled and stood returning his "hey". They exchanged they're surprise in "bumping into each other like this" as he reached down to hug her. Just before he let go, she felt his breath on her neck and the quick slide of his tongue on her earlobe. Her arms filled with goosebumps but she remained composed.  She politely introduced her friends as did he. 

She played along, keeping the conversation seemingly platonic. After a few short minutes of the group's small talk, John told her it was good seeing her and that he'd catch up with her later. They said their goodbyes and the men went on their way. 

The women at her table swooned and laughter erupted as the men walked away. Then the questions came about John. She gave them general answers, expressing that they were simply old friends. Her panties, on the other hand, were telling a much different story. She felt the vibration from her pocket again. John's text read, " I want to fuck you."  She sighed deeply, trying as hard as she could to keep her composure. Day 1 would be a long one.

The vibe for the evening was sexy. She chose her attire carefully. Tonight she wore a low cut black dress with her favorite red heels. She didn't know what the night would bring, so she wanted to be.....accessible.  She admired herself in the mirror. Her breasts sat up like perfectly molded mounds. She knew he would like that. As she pressed her red lipstick across her lips, she imagined his dick in her mouth. She longed to taste him. It pleasured her to give him pleasure. Once again, the thought of them together drew moisture between her legs. 

She met her friends in the hotel lobby and and together they ventured out to hail a cab to their destination. As they traveled, laughter again filled the taxi. She felt distracted. If it were up to her she would skip the night out with the ladies and engage in the scavenger hunt that led her to his bed. She pulled out her cell phone and text him only the name of their destination. She was playing the game well. She knew he would be near sometime tonight and she would be ready.

The cab pulled up to their destination and she and her friends climbed out onto the busy sidewalk, legs and high heels leading the way to the nightclub entrance. They shrugged off cat calls with smiles and made their way to the front of the VIP line, attracting more attention than they'd bargained for. Tonight was certainly starting off on the right track. She was feeling very sexy. 

Her night continued on as planned, celebrating life with her girlfriends. They danced, laughed, and toasted to many more trips like this. She and her friends sparked up conversation with a group of sexy and sharply dressed men from Atlanta. The environment was sensual and very adult. The gentleman she was directly speaking to was a professor at a reputable university. She did appreciate a good intellectual conversation with an attractive man. He walked her over to the bar to buy her another drink. He led her up to the bar, hand lightly on her back and brought his mouth to her ear to ensure she could hear him over the music. He complimented her attire. He told her she was very beautiful. She smiled, blushing with her eyes lowered. She was flattered. 

As she lifted her eyes to turn and thank him, her eyes met John's across the room. There he stood, eyes locked on the two of them engaged in flirtatious conversation. Nonchalantly, she turned and thanked her new friend for the compliment and accepted the cocktail. She lingered there for only a few more minutes, and politely excused herself from the professor, promising she'd see him again. 

She made her way across the room toward John. He sipped on his drink admiring the room. She was excited. She didn't know he'd be there at that moment, but she was glad he was. This made the game even more interesting. As she drew closer, he looked over her body. She watched him slide his eyes from her legs to her breasts and then back up to her eyes. When she reached him she greeted him with a sweet kiss on his cheek, then moved her mouth to his ear and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

He took another drink, moving his eyes over the crowd. "Did you tell your new friend that pussy is mine?" 

A mischievous smile came over her face. "You know he didn't have a chance." She surveyed the dance floor and saw her girlfriends out there enjoying their company. She wanted to get away right then. She wanted him to take her and have his way with her. Just being near him caused a fire to ignite under her dress. She was pulsating with anticipation. 

Just then, as if he were reading her mind, John placed his drink on a nearby table. He grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd. She wasted no time and asked no questions, following him blindly. He led her out of the nightclub and around the first corner. Not far, seemingly in the middle of all of the nightlife, was a dark, quiet park. He led her to a bench under an old tree. 

There under the tree, in the dark, he let his hands explore her body. He slid one hand up her thigh and the other across her breasts. He kissed her neck aggressively sending a hot force through her body to her pussy. She grabbed at his pants. All she could think about was how hard it would be and how good it would feel deep inside of her. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He sat on the bench, turned her around and pulled her hips onto him. She lifted her dress and slid her panties to the side enough to allow him to enter her. As she lowered her ass onto his lap, she anticipated his strength pushing into her from behind. Her juices allowed him to enter her with ease and she guided herself over him with her hands on his thighs. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her harder onto him. She began to circle her hips...pushing and pumps fixed firmly into the ground, she pushed herself onto him. He moved his hands to her breasts, squeezing them from behind. She could tell his excitement was growing. He quickly moved his hands to her shoulders. She instinctively leaned forward. He pulled on her shoulders and thrust himself harder into her. She was oozing with pleasure. He always fucked her so well. He pumped harder and harder and she moaned out his name. She begged him for more. 

He slowly pulled himself out of her and stood her up. He laid on the bench on his back and she knew what she was to do. She straddled his body as it lay on the bench and lowered herself onto him. With her heels on the ground she had excellent leverage to ride him all the way to an orgasm. She began to slowly grind her hips over him. His rock hard dick was filling her up. She could feel herself dripping onto him. Her slow grind, began to shift to a steady rocking. She pushed and pulled her hips around his dick. His hands grabbed at her hips. Pulling her back each time she pulled away. She knew he loved her pussy and her ability to stay wet for hours. His hands moved to her breasts and he adjusted her low cut dress to reveal her bare nipples. He pinched at her nipples and she froze for a moment, reacting to the pleasure of his hands on her breasts. Her ride became more aggressive as she pushed off of the concrete. Her steady rocking moved to a small bounce as she urged to feel him pounding deep inside her. As she began to bounce he moved his hands back to her hips and pulled her with force onto him. She could feel him pushing firmly into her as she rode him. Her ride became more and more aggressive and he suddenly sat up, pulling her onto him with all of his strength. Her thighs were starting to burn as she pushed harder off of the ground, riding him fast and hard. She could feel her own orgasm rising up and he must have felt it, too, because he reached one hand up to her hair and pulled it with authority. She couldn't help but let out the scream. Now, even though she was on top of him, he was controlling her movements. With one hand pulling her hair and the other wrapped firmly around her waist, he was making sure she would come. It only took seconds. Her pussy opened up around his dick and she poured out all over him. He whispered in her ear and reminded her that her pussy belonged to him. She couldn't argue against it. She could feel him...he was ready too. She whispered back into his ear, "Let me taste you". 

He let her up and she immediately took his dick into her mouth. She allowed him deep into her throat only for a moment and then worked around his head until he came. As he began to come, she took him deep into her throat again. She could feel how forceful his ejaculation was. She was sure to clean up every drop, as usual. 

As she adjusted herself, she glanced around the park. She could see people in the distance passing on the lit up streets. She imagined that anyone catching a glimpse of them in the park would have received the show of a lifetime. Then again, the dark most likely masked their little game just the way she liked it. 

He walked her back to the nightclub. He made sure she got in safely and then went on his way. As she reentered the club, she saw her friends still engaged in fun with their male friends. She walked over to the bar to order a new drink but the professor had beat her to it. He ordered for her and then complimented her on her glowing complexion. She smiled and thanked him. 

Day 1, done. 

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