HE LIKES TO LICK- A Message from Gypsy Rain

There are some men who captivate you in ways others just cannot. As sexual beings, women love it all. Touch, scent, visual stimulation, sensual sounds.....and taste. The total package is ideal. If he brings it all to the table we can have an almost spiritual sexual experience. But it's the man who truly enjoys the flavor of sex that we tend to lose all of our inhibitions with. He has mastered the art of tasting the essence of women, in every aspect...Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. He bathes us in the soothing waters of his strength...his most powerful tool is his tongue. He speaks to our souls, stimulates our minds with his words, and takes us to our physical limits when his mouth opens. He exercises his tongue because....He likes to lick.

His words roll slowly off of his tongue as if it pains them to depart. Like his words, my body calls to be purified by the soft, sweet caress of his tongue. His lips retreat every so often to find replenishment from the source. His tongue has healing powers. As he slides it over me, I am set free from the demons that restrain me.

He licks my earlobe and whispers the secrets of my desires. He licks my neck and he tastes my vulnerability. He licks my breasts and consumes the earth. He licks the small of my back and ignites every sense of my BEing. He licks my thighs and unlocks the door to my treasures.

He likes to lick...he likes to taste me....he takes his time as he polishes the gems of my vulva with care. His tongue masterfully knows every valley and peak.

He likes to lick...soft and wet, he slides his tongue across my clit, giving it extra care. His tongue leaves to meet the moisture dripping from my opening, but quickly returns home to share the nourishment my body is feeding him. He won't stop.

He likes to lick...his tongue and lips gently suck my clit...but only for brief moments. He sucks...then licks...then sucks again. I can hardly keep still. His wide tongue slides across my ocean creating waves of moisture between us. He tastes me.

He likes to lick...the wetter I am, the deeper he dives. His head conducts the symphony that is his tongue...his most powerful tool. As he reaches the allegro, my body is writhing...reaching for my explosion. He is calling for it...and it cums...my waters run freely and abundantly. He dives face first into my depths.

He likes to lick...and taste...he doesn't shy away from my powerful orgasm. Instead, he licks and licks and sucks at my nectar. He takes his time...has his fill, and with his tongue, wipes clean the effects of my own perfect storm.

He likes to lick...who am I to stop him.


Gypsy Rain

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