SILENCE IS GOLDEN - A Message From Gypsy Rain

Silence. He often says my silence disturbs him. My thoughts are louder than his ears can handle. But when distance and time have filled the space where words belong, silence becomes the spark that ignites the reunion where it matters most.

I lay on my back across the bed naked awaiting his arrival. I'm surrounded by the fantasies in my head, hoping he'll walk in and select from the images dancing around me, fulfilling my desires...watching my every lustful thought play out in the room's atmosphere. As he enters our eyes meet.....silence. His eyes tell me he has longed for me. My eyes scream for him to take me and ravage me. Make me moan his name. Make me break the silence that has trapped this moment for too long. 

Silence. Still. I spread my legs and invite him in. I can feel his eagerness as he comes to me. He wraps his arms around my thighs and pulls me to him forcefully. His erection kisses my opening and my breath leaves me. No words. Only silence. Our bodies telling the stories of missed passions and long nights of absent touches. 

With my ankles on his shoulders he thumbs my clit and grabs at my breast. His strong hands shout his need to be inside of me. His excitement grows as he feels me leak onto his erection. Our eyes locked on one another with fierce intensity, the energy in the red lit room explodes with lust and desire. My silence taunts him and he forces himself deep inside of me...fucking me hard and deep but slow and steady. My legs move from his shoulders and pull him closer as I wrap them around him. 

His hands on my shoulders, he pumps and pumps, his erection rock hard, stimulating spaces inside of me that have gone untouched for what feels like an eternity. My juices continue to flow around him, and I feel his breath leave him. Eyes on mine, in silence, he fucks me. No sounds. 

He rocks to the rhythm of my breath; faster and faster, harder and harder. The lust in my eyes tells him I am pleased but my body wants to break the silence and express my pleasure.....moan his name. He can hear my body calling out and he can feel my urge to let my mouth echo those shouts. His eyes tell me that this silent fuck arouses him.....he wants more....

He demands my silence, placing his large hands around my neck...squeezing firmly...fucking me and choking down the unnecessary sounds. Silence. No words. No sound. No breath. 

Sound tries to escape. There is no way out. He squeezes tighter around my neck...he fucks me harder. His eyes dig into mine as he shows me his story of desire and lust. My body fills with the energy of his fantasies. My breath shallows with every stroke as his grip tightens. I close my eyes and let go as I release on his erection. His excitement shows as his hands  move slowly down my body to feel the mixture of our passions.

Silently, I pull him out of me, his penis dripping with my expression of love. My tongue escapes, making no sound. I softly lick away my juices from his dick, taking him deep into my throat. No sound, no words. He knows I like it. He listens to my silence as I suck his orgasm down my throat. He is pleased and I am fulfilled. His eyes tell me time and distance are defeated.

We lay together. No words. No sounds. Just silence. 


Gypsy Rain

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