SOUL TIES - A Message from Gypsy Rain

Today I was compelled to put ink to paper before fingertips to keys. This scribe was inspired by the way in which he caressed my soul today and then bound it to his. He has awaken something deep within me that I did not know existed....something supernatural.

I am suspended in constant arrousal. Every thought, every image, every whisper of his voice, every touch is accompanied by the caress of the soft, silky ties that bind my soul to his. They bind my mind, my body and my spirit to his. I am pleasured by the way he loosens and tightens these ties of his. He pulls and command the strings that control me. He has bound me. He keeps me vulnerable. He keeps me wanting his control. 

He glides these red, silky ties across my body. From my neck to my shoulders, where he dictates and positions me for his service. From my shoulders to my breasts. He lingers there, at my breasts. That is where my heart hides. He takes extra care there.....he wraps his ties around them. He tightens....loosens...and tightens again. His restraints bring me elation. 

He moves to my waist, caressing my curves. He ties his restraints around my waist and tightens his grip, pulling tighter, and tighter, releasing my breath. He ties me closer to him. I cannot breath. I don't need to breath. He is my air. I beg to be tied closer to him....tighter. He loosens his grip and slides his ropes down my curvy hips. There he begins to create. He manipulates my movement like a composer creating music. He dictates the ebb and flow of how my hips shall move with him. He pulls tighter. He wraps me up and ties me down. His ties hang over, swaying with my movement, caressing my thighs. 

He binds my soul to his as he pulls me close and enters deep inside of me. He belongs there. I cannot deny that I need to be tied to him. I am his. He has created me for him.

Only His, 

Gypsy Rain

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