REDEFINING SELF LOVE - A Message From Gypsy Rain

I find it interesting how many women in today's society frown upon masturbation and use of sexual props and toys. Our cultures and upbringings have taught us that sexual pleasure should be received from a significant other during expressions of love. For the ladies, let me help you break down those walls. Your men will thank me later....

The most sexually expressive women I know masturbate. After all, how do you expect a man to know what pleases you if you cannot please yourself? More importantly, ladies, mastering our own bodies frees us from the grips of the "Devils" in our lives who just seem to know our bodies so well....better than we know ourselves. I challenge you ladies to spend an evening with YOU. Romance yourself. Love on your body. Explore every curve and tender spot with your own soft hands. Don't just touch your clit. 

Imagine. Close your eyes and let your hands slide across your soft breasts, slowly. Breathe deeply. Visualize your most desired fantasies unfolding and allow your mind to BE right there. Gently stimulate your nipples between your fingertips, giving a firm pinch as you move on to your abdomen. Slide your hands across your waistline, caressing your own soft skin. 

Escape. Let your body feel pleasure by your very own hands and TAKE YOUR TIME. When you do reach your clit, stimulate it slowly. Caress it over and over again with your fingertips. Up and down....around and around. Slowly. There is no need to rush your own body. Learn the levels of clitoral erection. Welcome the swelling of your vaginal opening. Feel your own nectar as it begins to ooze out by means of your own touch. Don't be afraid to taste would want HIM to. 

Experiment. Slow to fast and then back to slow. Tease your body. Grab at your breasts. Slide a finger into your opening.....then two.  Don't be afraid to please your self. Touch places you know feel good when a man is touching them. Find the perfect place and pressure. See how much more you can stand before you begin to feel an orgasm coming on. Bring yourself to the limits of pleasure. 

Women who do not own a vibrator need one. It really does not matter if you have a man. Learn the spots that make you squirm. Use the vibrations of your toy inside and outside your body. Figure out those places that cause your body to do things  you never thought it could. There is no shame in sexual pleasure; And there is no shame in pleasing  yourself. 

Finally, a woman who is secure in her body and knows how to love her body is less afraid to lose her  inhibitions in the bedroom with her partner. She is more inclined to tell him what she likes....because she knows. She isn't afraid to let go, try new things, and introduce her partner to creative ways of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. 

I cannot and will not speak for a man, but I know that I've not received any complaints ;-)

Seductively Yours,

Gypsy Rain

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