EL MAESTRO- A Message From Gypsy Rain


I didn't want to interrupt your work. I've admired you so much from a distance....for a long while.  The idea that you'd think i was inadequate as a student made me nervous. But I knew this would be the only way I could have your undivided attention. Your greeting was warm. Your smile awoke the butterflies in my belly. But it wasn't until you locked the door that my heart rate elevated. I hoped you hadn't noticed my breathing quicken. As you spoke I heard nothing...I just watched your lips move...and your tongue caress the roof of your mouth. I wondered if it was as soft as it looked. Then you called my name...I didn't know you had asked me a question. When our eyes met and silence grew heavy, I could feel my panties moisten. 

I don't know what made me do it...maybe your silence called me...maybe your eyes commanded me...but when I left my chair to come around to your side of the desk, I felt outside myself. When you leaned back in your chair I felt a door unlock. Freedom...You let me touch you first. I appreciated that. You didn't make me feel like prey, even though we both knew the truth. I slid my fingers across your lips and then into your mouth. Your tongue was warm and softer than I'd imagined the hundreds of times I'd watched it move. When you sucked on my fingertips I knew what you really wanted. I knew you wanted to pleasure me the same way I wanted to pleasure you. 

I cannot express how my flesh responded when your hands moved to my hips and sat me on your desk. Heat throughout my body...an urgency to feel you deep inside of me. When you stood up I couldn't help but open my legs. My body was inviting you in. I know you were excited when my skirt gave way to reveal my thighs. I wondered if you could smell my passion. 

It did not startle me when you forcefully pulled my panties from under my skirt. Your strength aroused me. I was thankful that your desk was as large as it was. It allowed me to lay back and let you look at me. Your hands on the back of my thighs as you pushed them back toward my head made me gasp...but I was anticipating finally feeling that big and beautiful tongue.

When your face met my pussy, and your tongue slowly kissed my clit...it was as if God himself stimulated every nerve He had created. I didn't mean to cum so quickly and forcefully, but now you knew my secret. I'd hoped you would find more of your own masculinity hidden inside of my feminine essence. I was praying you'd search for it right there. You ate with so much focus and intensity. And although I came again and again, I wanted to feel you inside of me. I think my gift of abundant natural lubrication excited you. Then, you stood over me. When I saw you unbuckling your belt I was overwhelmed with lust. My fingers immediately went to play with my clit as I waited to see what you would present from your zipper. 

Your pants dropped and I was pleased by your girth. You pushed inside of me. I know you were pleased with how warm and wet I was because you let out a brief but satisfying moan. After a few deep strokes I could see your look intensify. You and I fit so perfectly and naturally and you began to handle me with authority. I could feel possessing my pussy...trying to make it yours. 

When you sat me up on your desk and pulled me into you my legs rose to wrap around your body. Your strong hands gripped my body with each push as you fucked me hard, yet so passionately. Then...you pulled away and told me to turn around. I anxiously hopped off the desk to follow your direction. I leaned forward and felt you press against my backside. My excitement grew...

My opening was dripping wet as you entered me from behind. There, you found my deepest treasures. As you entered me and thrust yourself in and out, I could feel your erection become harder. I could feel myself letting go. I could feel y body responding to your every command. As I forcefully came on your dick, you did not stop. You fucked me harder, and faster. I tried my best not to scream but I could not hold it in. I came again and again....and when you grabbed my hair, I know you could feel my cum dripping down the front of your thighs. I could tell you were close. 

You pulled yourself out of me and sat in your chair and told me to come to you...so I climbed on top of you. I slowly lowered myself onto you. As I rode you, our bodies slowed down. Your arms embraced y body so securely. Your touch made me want to satisfy every part of your soul. You pulled me close and I let my tongue slowly tease your earlobe...

I didn't know that my whispers would make you react the way that you did...I was only whispering Truth. But as I whispered those things to you, I could feel your grip tighten...and when you came inside of me, it was with the force of a violent storm. 

I used my blouse to wipe the sweat from your head before I kissed it. I knew you had to work to do and our visit was more than I expected. Lucky for me, I knew you'd be here the following week...at the same time. I'd see you again, then. I am anxiously awaiting that moment.

Your teacher's pet,

Gypsy Rain

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