Friday, January 31, 2014

Sultry In His Shadow - PRELUDE

The tales you will read in this series are inspired by real stories, real fantasies, real dreams, and real events. They may or may not be my own.....but they are very real. 

Have you ever danced with the devil? I'm not talking about the one with the pointed horns and long, twisted tail. Some of you might not believe in that devil.  Other of you know exactly the devil I'm talking about. He that makes the dance so hot that even standing in his shadow will have you squirming to catch your breath. The one that is the ALL your imagination can handle.

He is astonishingly attractive. His scent is hypnotizing. He has that smile that will liquefy your heart. He is a Dapper Don. He is always about his business.  He treats you like a queen, showering you with his affection and charm. Despite all he is,  he convinces you that now is not the right time for more than what you share. There are always misunderstandings,communication and timing issues when it comes to the next step. And still, you desire to keep dancing. You desire to keep sweating in the shadow of his fire. The dance continues with the devil because you need him. You need him because he KNOWS your body. 

He knows how to make your juices flow with one word or glance. He can make you come on command. He touches you in the right spots, with the right force, and at the right moments. He whispers in your ear everything you wish to hear and he makes love to your mind. He hits the bottom and kisses it with his soul! And you keep coming back because his essence is so.....damn......good. He knows it's the best you've ever had. Your body has already confessed.  He knows that no matter who you are with, or how far you go, you will always give him that which he has mastered. He owns it.

The devil is real.

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